Triple os allergy menu 4 00

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triple os allergy menu 4 00

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  • Monty Mushroom Burger. Original Burger with Cheese. Why not try our wholesome gluten-friendly bun or lettuce wrap as a substitute for our regular bun for free?! Our Buttermilk Chicken patty, topped with Chipotle mayo, naturally smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, crisp iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, and mwnu signature oe. Buttermilk Chicken Club. Sizzling hot. Our spicy, seasoned, crispy breaded chicken breast served with our signature mayo, crisp iceberg lettuce and fresh vine-ripened tomatoes.

    Spicy Ultimate Crunch.


    Our Buttermilk Chicken patty topped with naturally smoked bacon, lightly-spiced maple syrup, aged Canadian cheddar cheese, and our signature mayo sandwiched between two locally-made Belgian-style waffles. Try them with our signature honey mustard or Chipotle mayo. Our Beyond Original features our 4 oz. Our signature veggie patty topped with lettuce, tomato, and secret Triple "O" sauce! Beyond Original Burger. Garlic Margherita Cheese, tomato and garlic 9inch Garlic Margherita.

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    Mexican Heatwave Double spicy beef, jalapenos, onions, mixed peppers and chillies 9inch Mexican Heatwave. Chicken Supreme Char-grilled chicken, mushroom, mixed peppers and onions 9inch Chicken Supreme. Americano Spicy beef, pepperoni, onions, sweetcorn, green chillies and peppers trple Americano. Toscanas Mushroom, chicken, peppers and onions 9inch Toscanas. Pepperoni Perfection Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and herbs 9inch Pepperoni Perfection.

    Meat Feast Mozzarella cheese, chicken, spicy beef, ham, pepperoni and salami 9inch Meat Feast.

    triple os allergy menu 4 00

    Tuna Feast Tuna, sweetcorn and onion 9inch Tuna Feast. Mediterranean Tuna, prawns and onions 9inch Mediterranean. Asian Style Keema, chicken tikka, onions, sweetcorn, peppers and chillies 9inch Asian Style. Farmhouse Ham, salami, mushrooms and Mdnu herbs 9inch Farmhouse. Full House Pepperoni, ham, pineapple and mushrooms 9inch Full House. Hawaiian Dream Pineapple and turkey ham 9inch Hawaiian Dream. Veggie Supreme Mushroom, mixed peppers, sweetcorn and tomato 9inch Veggie Supreme.

    Veggie Volcano Green chillies, jalapenos, peppers and onions 9inch Veggie Volcano.

    triple os allergy menu 4 00

    Murghanos Special Chicken tikka, pepperoni, sweetcorn keema, tomatoes, mushrooms 9inch Murghanos Special. Chicago Bear Salami, garlic sausage, pepperoni, chicken and spicy beef 9inch Chicago Bear. Mighty Mac Garlic sausage, pepperoni, salami, chicken tikka, spicy beef, donner meat and jalapenos 9inch Mighty Mac. Meatball Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, peppers and meatball 9inch Meatball. Sub Pizzas.

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    Garlic Bread 9inch Garlic Bread. Kebabs And Starters. Garlic naan, keema naan, peshwari naan, cheese naan and chilli naan 50p extra Separate Nan Breads You can add extra nan breads with your orders.

    Kofta Kebab Mazzarella stuffed with cheese. Mixed Shashlik Kebab Chicken tikka, kofta and donner cooked in menu wok with onions and peppers saucy. Lamb Tikka Starter With salad. Chicken Tikka Starter Allergy salad. Murghanos Special Kebab Murghanos Special Kebab Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab and donner meat, garlic chicken, served on extra large naan. Donner Kebab On Naan. Seekh Kebab Naan.

    Chicken Tikka Kebab On Naan. Lamb Tikka Kebab Triple Naan.

    Triple O's Hong Kong Macau

    Garlic Chicken Kebab On Naan. Burger Bar. Quarter Pounder Beef Burger Meal. Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger. Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger Meal. Quarter Pounder Chicken Fillet Burger.

    Menu items and pricing may vary by location and are subject to change. © Red Robin International All Rights Reserved. Triple O’s Burger Restaurants | Visit a Triple O’s for the best burgers in town. Dine in or take out burgers at any burger restaurant location in British Columbia, including Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Okanagan Valley, and Fraser Valley, plus Edmonton, Alberta. We even have Triple O's burger restaurants in Asia. THE LEGEND. When our founder and visionary, Nat Bailey, opened Canada's first drive-in restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia in , guests came from all over to try Nat’s Legendary Burger with its famous Triple "O" sauce.

    Quarter Pounder Hawaiian Burger. Quarter Pounder Hawaiian Burger Meal.

    THE LEGEND. When our founder and visionary, Nat Bailey, opened Canada's first drive-in restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia in , guests came from all over to try Nat’s Legendary Burger with its famous Triple "O" sauce. Allergen Menu Shareable Appetizers DISCLAIMER: While Logan's Roadhouse strives to create a unique dining experience that postively impacts all of our guests, Logan's Roadhouse does not have a gluten-free kitchen. We will, however, make every attempt to meet your needs for a gluten-restritcuted diet. Please ask a manager to see our Gluten. Our Menu > Burgers & Entrees > Lettuce-Wrapped Burger Back to menu. Lettuce-Wrapped Burger. Did you know you can order any of your favourite burgers as a lettuce wrap, free of charge? Or, try our gluten-friendly bun for only $1! Visit your local Triple O’s restaurant in British Columbia and Alberta for the best burgers around! Dine in or.

    Quarter Pounder Peri Peri Burger. Quarter Pounder Buffalo Ranch Burger. Quarter Pounder Mexicano Burger. Quarter Pounder Mexicano Burger Meal. The Big One Burger Cheeseburger, fillet burger, donner meat, lettuce and mayo.

    Half Pounder Cheese Burger. Half Pounder Cheese Burger Meal. Half Pounder Chicken Fillet Burger. Allefgy By Pepperoni Meal Cheese burger topped with pepperoni, cheddar cheese, lettuce and mayo.

    Murghanos | Order Online, Murghanos Menu, Menu for Murghanos

    Tower Triple Chicken, hash brown and onion rings. Served with lettuce and mayo. Big One Meal Fillet burger, chese burger and donner meat with lettuce and mayo. Ranch Rider Meal Gourmet burger topped with turkey rashers, double cheese, lettuce, onion and mayo.

    Jalapeno Delight Gourmet burger topped with menu, mixed salad and special sauce. Allergy Meals are served with fries and pepsi can Chicken Wrap.

    Chicken Wrap Meal. Peri Peri Wrap. Peri Peri Wrap Meal.

    Burgers & More - Triple O's

    BBQ Wrap. BBQ Wrap Meal. Burrito Wrap Rice.

    Technical Difficulties - WD-NS | Papa John’s Pizza

    Burrito Wrap Meal Rice. Donner Wrap. Donner Wrap Meal. Mexican Wrap.

    Want the Scoop?

    Mexican Wrap Meal. Something Different. Donner Meat And Chips. Chips Muffin. Donner Muffin And Chips. Chips And Cheese. Donner And Cheesy Chips. Chicken Wings 3 Pcs Chicken Wings. Chicken Strips 3 Pcs Chicken strips.

    Southern Fried Chicken Popcorn Chicken Chicken Combo 3 strips and 3 wings. Chicken Salad Strips, salad and Mediterranean dressing. Chicken Frango. Special Frango Full frango stir fried with onions, peppers and cheese Special Frango.

    Sides And Dips Fries. Twister Fries. Spicy Wedges. Mozzarella Dippers With garlic dip. BBQ Sauce. Garlic And Herbs. Hot Sauce. Mild Sauce. Sweet Chilli. Garlic Mayo. Chicken Gravy. BBQ Beans. Buckets Meals Family Bucket 12pcs of chicken, 4 regular fries, coleslaw, beans and 1. Variety Bucket 8pcs of chicken, chicken wings, 4 nuggets, 4 regular fries and 1. Bargain Bucket 6pcs of chicken, 3 regular fries, coleslaw and 1.

    Boneless Bucket 8 Chicken strips, 8 chicken nuggets, 8 popcorn chicken, 3 fries, coleslaw and a 1. Meal Deal 2 Any 12inch pizza, 3 pcs chciken, 6 spicy wings, 2 fries, bottle of drink.

    Meal Deal 3 Any 12inch allergy, filet burgerspicy Wedges, fries and bottle of drink. Meal Deal 4 12inch Thin pizza, 2 x Quarter Pounder chicken or cheese burger with fries and bottle of drink.

    Meal Deal 5 3 x triple Thin pizzas and bottle of drink. Meal Deal 6 2 x Regular pitta doner kebabs, 12inch thin pizza, large chips and bottle of drink. Meal Deal 8 8pcs Chicken, chips, 9inch garlic bread, 2 dips and bottle of drink. Meal Deal 9 Fillet burger meal, 2 SF chicken and chips, 5pcs chicken strips, 5pcs hot wings, chicken popcorn, fries and a bottle of pepsi.

    Menu Meals Munch Box Fillet burger, 2 chicken strips, 4 chicken nuggets, fries, coleslaw and can of pepsi. Donner Mix 4x chicken nuggets, 3x chicken strips, donner meat, fries, salad and pepsi can. Tiger Box Triple cheese burger, 4x nuggets, 2x mozzarella dippers, 2x chicken strips, fries, salad and pepsi can. Chocolate Cake.

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      Did you know? All our Artisan-style burger buns are made with wholesome local ingredients.

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      All pizzas are made with fresh dough, best mozzarella cheese and murghanos speciality prepared tomato sauce. Garlic Margherita Cheese, tomato and garlic.

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