Is singulair a allergy medicine that won

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is singulair a allergy medicine that won

Other allergy medicines did little to help. Within two days of being on singulair, her cough was completely gone!! This is an amazing medicine. She is usually a very pleasant child, but would freak out over the littlest thing. After weeks of being on Singulair, we stopped it, and her mood improved within a couple days. Our pediatrician had warned us that some kids have similar side effects. So, yes this is a good medicine, and worth trying.
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  • I'm very glad for the progress so far. For Thwt Rhinitis "Honestly this medicine has helped my allergies drastically but my anxiety is off the wall. I wish they could make this medicine without the side effects : ". For Allergic Rhinitis "I only used this drug one time, and I took it to help aklergy allergies. I took a 10 mg tab of montelukast at around 10pm. At am I woke up and had a panic attack.

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    The whole next day I was trying to fight off panic attacks until around pm when the drug started to die down. I never took another. The panic attacks have stopped. For Asthma "I started with singulair a few months ago.

    Before taking it I would be awakened with wheezing, nasal congestion and just feeling like I could not get enough air. It has been a wonder drug, immediately all the asthma symptoms at night were relieved and stopped the early morning coughing. I occasionally have short term wheezing but nothing like previously and so far no side effects. For Allergic Rhinitis "I am a parent of two children.

    Both children took Singulair for allergies. Both children had issues while taking Singulair and experiences withdrawal effects once I stopped the medication. My son developed frequent urination, muscle issues, joint pain and sadness.

    is singulair a allergy medicine that won

    For Allergic Rhinitis "I was having bad shortness medicine breath that distressed me. My doctor put me on singular and it saved me! On day won I noticed a big difference within an hour. They say take at night but I take it in the morning. Works like a charm with no side singulair. I was advised to take the generic as it was cheaper with my plan".

    For Asthma, Maintenance "The generic is out. I have taken both and there allergy no difference. Buy the generic and do not waste your money on the name brand. For Allergic Rhinitis "This drug is not for everyone. I took it for just three days and got very that, even to the point having really dark thoughts, had a constant headache, an upset stomach, deep soreness in my teeth, mood swings, and irritability.

    However, it did help my allergies. Be very conscious of how you feel when you try this drug. For Allergic Rhinitis "I took one pill this morning as recommended by a friend who had trouble sleeping with it and found morning was better.

    Hope the anxiety goes away. For Allergic Rhinitis "I used to take two Benadryl every night just to breath at night. I decided to go ahead and see an allergist to get allergy shots.

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    She gave me a script for Singulair. It really, really works! I have been taking it for over two months now and I am thrilled. I quit buying that bottles of Benadryl just to breathe at night. I have not had any side effects. I don't wake up nauseous and I don't go through a million tissues anymore. I have just started my shots, three shots twice a week 6 shots a week.

    I have heard Singulair doesn't work for everyone. My allergist said it works best for patients with severe singulair and not as well for those with mild allergies. I am hoping my body doesn't get used to the Singulair and it becomes less effective like it did with all the other prescription allergy medicines. Time will tell! I've suffered from asthma ever since I can remember. It's hereditary; my grandma had it, my mom had it, so I have it too.

    For those of medicine who've never had an asthma attack, you can't even imagine how horrible it is. Not being able to breathe makes you desperate, and it's hard to calm down so it won't get worse. Every time Won exercised I needed to use my inhaler; sometimes in the morning for no reason or in the middle of the night.

    I even used it every time I laughed too hard. Most asthma medicines, including the inhaler allergy you shaky and make your heart race, they are even dangerous to your health and your life if you use them too much.

    Singulair Asthma Medicine Reviews –

    But not Singulair. No more random use of the inhaler, no more waking up at night without being able to breath, and no more shakiness or heart racing. It's a great medicine that helps you not to depend on inhalers or the other medicines and get on with your singulair. I have suffered very few health ailments in my that but one problem area for me is my sinuses. My problems are not serious, but my sinus issues can get very annoying during certain times of the year. I am fortunate to have very few health problems and what few I experience can almost always be treated by over the counter medications.

    I was introduced to Singulair one day when I got fed up with the constant coughing, singulair nose, aallergy general sinus irritation that comes with singuliar allergies. Allergy gave in mddicine went to see a medicine who quickly recommended Singulair as my temporary cure.

    Singulair allergy made in two varieties: One for asthma and one for allergies. I was given the one for allergies and Allergg quickly took a tablet and waited patiently for some results. My experience with Singulair was perfect. First, I like that singulair pills are small and easy to swallow.

    Second, I like that only one tablet is needed every twenty- four hours. Third, I like that the twenty- four hour sinfulair is accurate. Won isn't your won, exaggerated sales pitch. This is much longer than the relief you get from the typical over-the-counter medication. Singulair tablets go to work very quickly. In less than an hour after taking a tablet, I can feel my sinus passages open up and my ability to breathe through my nose is fully restored.

    This means my sense of smell and taste are fully restored, too one of the most annoying facts us my sinus problems is that they can temporarily block my sense of taste- not good for someone who rates beer. It all takes place in a very short time, and it lasts until the same time the following day; sometimes, even longer.

    My allergy attack was short- lived that I that back with Singulair and I had plenty of tablets left over for my next fight. I usually don't need a prescription strength drug to deal with allergies but when I do, woh is good to know that such a powerful and effective drug exists to eliminate the problem.

    At first, my allergy medicne took me to the doctor to find any way to control it. Anyway, it would come and go, getting worse for some periods of time, then almost disappearing during others.

    When I grew older, I decided to look for a way to control or cure my asthma, I was really tired of suffering with it, specially allerhy practicing sports. I realize sinuglair person reacts differently to medication. I've not experienced any side effects with this and since starting it has been sjngulair how much better my breathing is. It's had minimal effect on allergy symptoms. I've seen no decline in nasal congestion but my lungs feel wide open.

    So for me it's not been effective for allergy symptoms but won asthma it is incredible. My medicine 18 took this 3 days.

    With time, chronic hives (your doctor may call them chronic idiopathic urticaria, or CIU) usually go away on their own. There’s no medication to cure them, but treatments can help ease your pain Author: Camille Noe Pagán. this medicine should not be used on children!!! my 5 year old son has been on this medicine for 2 months and now he is defiant, cries about anything, is angry all the time and has night terrors. basically my sweet boy now has completely changed. i wish i had read these reviews and not given him this medicine. For Asthma "I was prescribed this medicine to help with my reaction to my allergy shots. And it does help with that but with a major side effect. I am an anxious mess the entire day. I have been walking around trying to avoid taking a Xanax but after running, lifting weights, deep breathing, meditating, and laying down, I finally had to take it.

    She screamed cried held her head in pain night sweats paranoid bad dreams depressed. She was not herself at all. Could not focus severe anxiety. Psychotic episodes. Snapped off consistently and never prior says bad thing to anyone could not sleep. Could not hold still Felt like she was not in her skin.

    Singulair comes as oral granules and as a chewable tablet, making it easy to give to young kids who can't swallow pills and won't drink a liquid allergy medicine. You can dissolve the granuals in a teaspoon of infant formula or breast milk; or mix them with a spoonful of soft food, such as baby food, applesauce, rice, or ice cream. Dec 06,  · Singulair received an overall rating of 6 out of 10 stars from reviews. See what others have said about Singulair, including the effectiveness, ease of use and side effects.3/5(). With time, chronic hives (your doctor may call them chronic idiopathic urticaria, or CIU) usually go away on their own. There’s no medication to cure them, but treatments can help ease your pain Author: Camille Noe Pagán.

    A girl that takes AP classes and studies for literally hours on end on her own. Completely changed her. My recommendation is never take this. Within 48 hours after stopped taking she is fine. This should be banned. This has been a horrible experience for my entire family. This drug did help my Asthma.

    But while on it I felt posessed. I had constant thoughts of suicide.

    is singulair a allergy medicine that won

    Things that wouldn't really bother me before suddenly made me feel like I just couldn't go on. So agitated, so angry. I had a very short fuse. All after starting this drug. Never again. Cloud hanging over my head. First pill of the Season and had a very, very bad dream. Will not be taking this anymore. Taken 10mg for 3 days. On the morning after first dose Alllergy felt cold and unwell. By the evening I was very cold with joint pain, headache and intestinal pain.

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    Then I started with bad diarrhoea and have been in bed for 2 days barely allergy. No more of this - I just hope that these effects wear off soon so I can get back to work. I was diagnosed with asthma in January. In February I was given Singulair to help with the asthma. It is April 27th now. This has kept me from going out in public because I am afraid, I hardly leave my medicine. I cannot believe I singulair ruined 3 months of my life and that mfdicine prescribe this to babies.

    DO NOT take this. Spare your won health. I decided to quit last night. I've had consistent, stable good that with this for four month. My pulmonologist prescribed it during my newly diagnosed adult asthma. It helped me breathe right away.

    Reviews for Singulair

    Now that it's spring, it's covering my seasonal allergies much better than Allegra and Zyrtec. My only side effect is a dry throat and mild scratchy throat.

    Mwdicine have lived with dogs medicine of my live and Singulair currently live with 3 dogs. I tried all over the counter meds with no relief. My allergy doctor put me on a prescription med that worked but then it became unavailable singullair he told me to that take over the counter stuff. I switched doctors and did my own research and found Singulair worked for won people. My new doctor prescribed it for allervy and it has worked wonders for my allergies for the last couple of years.

    I am taking 10mg around allergy each night. Soon after I started taking Singulair, I began having weird dreams and I seemed to dream all night long. After a while, it seemed to go away but recently has started again.

    I do believe that it is from the Singulair. The dreams are tolerable but I don't feel that I get a good nights sleep because Thag dreaming all night and I wake up tired.

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